Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Sketches # 4

Invader Zim, Goku, Ronald Regan and some perv?

Random Sketches # 3

Just fartin' around with so shapes. Some how I have more fun sketching during meetings when I should be listening.

Random Sketches # 2

Just had nothing better to do so started to fill the page up as much as possible.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My little guardian angel

I hate to see old artwork because then you see all the mistakes you've done. And I see alot of them! Characters for a kids cartoon show. Characters copyrighted.

Aliens in the White House?

Just an idea I thought of some time ago..Always wanted to ink and color this....Maybe someday!

Random Sketches #1

Just some old sketches I put together...I like to experiment with styles. I believe "Frank Miller" was the inspiration for changing art styles.

Raybeez watching!

Haven't had a chance to finish this piece but it's part of a comic book I'm putting together. I believe this was a 2 pager...